BLANCO is one of the leading providers of innovative, design-oriented kitchen sinks and system solutions for domestic kitchens.

BLANCO products are used in every kitchen.


Today's bathrooms reflect emotions and personality, so only the finest Germany quality bathroom fittings are installed.

Sanitary ware: Keramag
Faucets: Hansa

Bath Accessories

INDA is a leader in the contract bathroom design industry: bathroom accessories, mirrors, light fixtures, shower enclosures and bathroom furniture.

INDA products are used in all bathrooms

Solar Energy

Earth Technologies is a green solutions company committed to supplying and installing renewable energy systems and energy saving devices. We have installed in the buildings solar panels that are a practical technology for healthy hot water production.



KE KELIT, Austria, has been involved with the development, production and sales of plastic pipe systems, pipe insulation and pre-insulated pipes for more than 50 years. KeKelit polypropylene pipes are used for the cold and hot water piping installation.



Schneider Elevators offers a wide range of high quality elevators and escalators. These products, made in Germany, provide reliability and performance and utilize the latest technology.


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